There seems to be a little pushback against my call for interns, namely, my designation that the internships are unpaid. Some great points were made, and I want to clarify a few things:

• At the successful completion of the internship, interns on the Jezebel manuscript - just like the interns on - will be given a small stipend and a shoutout in the book. I’m also happy to help secure college credit, if this is of interest.

This should have been made clear in my initial post, but I made the mistake of taking my personal definition of “paid internship” - in which an intern turns up at an office or works during defined hours and in return receives an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate or wage - and deciding that the particular circumstances of the BOOK OF JEZEBEL internship did not fall within those parameters. This is my bad, and I’m sorry. To be clear: Interns at Jezebel, as well as those working on related side projects such as this, are financially compensated (or work for school credit).

• The larger issue of opportunities available to young people in media is an interesting one, but not one I’m interested in debating right now. Suffice it to say that - both under my tenure and under current EIC Jessica Coen - has always made good faith efforts to reach out to and recruit interns from all over the country. We’ve promoted/hired 2 of them into full-time positions; others have become contributors. I’m no fan of nepotism, or the NYC-centric media universe, and our intern selection process has reflected that.

• Some more specifics about the internships themselves: They do not involve fetching hot beverages or running off photocopies or other meaningless busywork. The large bulk of the internship will involve research, and there may be opportunities for writing. Interns’ opinions on drafts of the manuscript will be solicited and ideas/brainstorming encouraged. They will be in frequent, close contact with the book’s editor/writers. Time commitment will range from 12-20 hours a week and scheduling will be extremely flexible. (Translation: Interns will be able to make their own hours.)

Again, the deadline for applications is February 28 and should be sent to anna [at] jezebel dot com. Thanks for your feedback.